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Visual Project


Group comics books reading

“America Born Chinese”: The figures in this book are very realistic. It contains two story lines, one is realistic, the other is unrealistic, since it is about the monkey king. The layout is in panels, geometric shape. Therefore, it is soundly engineered, since the stories still flow even one of the stories is unrealistic.

“Good-bye Chunky Rice”: This symbolizes the cartoon style. It is totally unrealistic, since the main characters are turtle and rats. It also has panel layouts but sometimes draws out of the square. It is soundly engineered and it is meaningful, which is finding goal is important.

“30 days of the night”: The art is abstracted reality. It is simply draw without too much details. It is a very dark book with panels. It is soundly engineered, since it is supposed to be a dark and scary theme and it comes across as that. There is not a lot of color, mainly just variations of gray and black with occasional red (for blood) and even at the end with the resolution, they only other color introduced is a brown/yellow. 

I forgot this homework…

So I picked 5 music for the restaurant “Razer”. I think a restaurant with this name would not be a bar looking one. Should be somewhere people can rest and talk.  

Jason Marz – I won’t give up.

John Mayer -Say

Rob Thomas – Little Wonders

Eric Clapton -Wonderful Tonight

The last one is a Piano play, by Mario Melendez.



And the three pre-class musics are:

Howie Day- Collide

James Blunt -Same Mistake

Biffy Clyro- Black Chandelier

I rarely listen to English music, so I just listen around youtube to find some interesting music.




Transforming A Space On Campus

Transforming A Space On Campus.

This is our street art!!

stencil 1Photo 13-2-19 上午10 52 11

So the first stencil graffiti, there is a tank and business. I think it is trying to say business is war. It also has weapons and fatalities. Or maybe tank is meaning military or weapon to trade to make profit, which is also forming an industries. Usually, tank stands for power, strength and violent. Sometimes business is also cruel as tank, since bankruptcies are happening every second. Businessmen almost have only two situation, win or lose, Which is exactly the same result as a war.

The second graffiti I found is in MSEB, material science and engineering building. Ubuntu is an operating system. The word came from South African philosophy, meaning humanity towards others. I think either the students is major in ECE, might be working on this system, or he is trying to link people together. Work together when study. Or help others is showing one’s humanity. It is interesting, and is only meaningful for a certain group, without looking up it.

Banksy Analysis

Banksy Analysis.

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